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Scholars GAP Programs

GAP Reading Readiness GAP Reading, GAP Math and GAP Writing: Programs. The Scholars GAP Programs are individualized for each student using standardized Canadian assessments to determine a student’s areas of strength and weakness. Based on the assessment results, each student receives an individualized, unique program. In the Scholars reading program, students focus on vocabulary (spelling, sight vocabulary, and vocabulary development), phonics (if applicable for the student), and reading comprehension skills. In the Scholars Math program students focus on the five stands, numeration, measurement, geometry spatial sense, patterning & algebra and probability & data management. Our tutoring staff consists of qualified teachers who specialize in their subject area. If requested, we can contact your child’s classroom teacher to work in conjunction with the teacher’s objectives, concepts being taught, tests, and assignments. Each student is taught in an environment with a low student-to-teacher ratio.The recommended protocol is two hour sessions per week. There is no homework. There is no tax.
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Victoria Yeh

Classical Violinist

Victoria Yeh’s unique style….dynamic and progressive. The violin as it’s rarely seen. Classically trained, Victoria combines the purity of her musical heritage with the edginess of progressive fusion. She lights up the stage with her infectious energy, her passions and her distinctive style, captivating audiences across the world. International reviewers and critics have compared her sound to the likes of Jean-Luc Ponty, Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra) and Ann Marie Calhoun (Steve Vai).

Performing Arts Lakefield

Give the Gift of Music!

Performing Arts Lakefield (PAL) has been presenting an eclectic selection of world-class entertainment for more than thirty five years. This non-profit volunteer group continues to find the most outstanding performances available to members. We are really excited to offer our-coming season of critically acclaimed classical, jazz, blues and broadway performers! PAL has become recognized across the province as an active supporter of both the community of Lakefield and the artists who perform at our concerts.

Escape Maze

Escape Maze Game Trails

Play one of our outdoor escape game trails and enjoy nature as you beat the clock and solve the challenges. You get a satchel of supplies, a compass and map, then head out on our trail looking for specific stations. Each station has a challenge to solve. Play as one team or divide into multiple teams to compete against each other. Good outdoor fun for everyone.

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