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YoYo's Yogurt Cafe

Gift Card for Yumminess

Gift the gift of YoYo’s frozen yogurt. A tasty way to celebrate the holidays
TDD logo for holo@2x - Tragically Dipped Donut

Tragically Dipped Donuts

Tragically Dipped Donuts

Grab a gift card so your favourite person can grab their favourite donuts and coffee! Available in any amount starting at $10. $25 is the most popular amount and covers a 6-pack and delicious hot beverage. Gift cards can be bought and redeemed in shop and online.
1cactus - Jake Walling

Escape Maze

Escape Room Gift Card

Play any of our escape rooms, outdoor adventure trails or tactical laser tag
$28/per person
logo the art shop

The Art Shop

Gift Certificates

Gift artfully this Christmas with Gift Certificates from The Art Shop in Lakefield, the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list.
1cactus - Jake Walling

Escape Maze

Tactical Laser Tag

Outdoor tactical laser tag is not like your father’s laser tag. These taggers vibrate upon hits, have a computer screen built in to record your gameplay and actions are more like a video game. Players must return to a spot to gain more ammo or health points. Everyone that plays talks about the amazing fun these laser taggers are to play.

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