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Bird Feeders

We carry a wide variety of bird feeders but our most popular is the Squirrel Buster line from Brome bird care. These bird feeders are guaranteed squirrel proof and guaranteed for LIFE! We can fix them right in our shop usually within a few days. Peanut feeders, Niger feeders, mixed seed and suet feeders. Great top quality gifts for the birder in the family. We carry Brome, Droll Yankees and Aspects bird feeders. All guaranteed for life. Top quality. We also carry the best bird food in the region. No filler and the freshest you can get! Delivered fresh to the store every week.

Baxter Creek Golf Club

Golf Simulators

Simulators will be up and ready starting December 15th every day from 9 am to 9 pm. Courses include Banff Springs, Greywolf, Pinehurst and Bandon Dune + many more.

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1cactus - Jake Walling

Escape Maze

Tactical Laser Tag

Outdoor tactical laser tag is not like your father’s laser tag. These taggers vibrate upon hits, have a computer screen built in to record your gameplay and actions are more like a video game. Players must return to a spot to gain more ammo or health points. Everyone that plays talks about the amazing fun these laser taggers are to play.

Shop The Lake

Chilly Moose 12L Harbour Bucket

Expertly engineered to tackle all your Canadian outdoor adventures. Tried and tested for maximum durability, ice retention and functionality. The ideal companion for your day trip, lunch box, road trip, fishing expedition, backyard bonanza, up north, at the campsite and beyond.

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